Chagas disease is treated with chloroquine

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    Chagas disease is treated with chloroquine

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    Mar 16, 2016 American trypanosomiasis, also known as Chagas disease, affects millions of people throughout the Americas. Carlos Chagas first described this disease in 1911 when he discovered the parasite in the blood of a Brazilian child with fever, lymphadenopathy, and anemia. Chagas disease is treated with chloroquine. a. True b. False. false- Nifurtimox and benznidazole* A person carrying one gene for sickle-cell hemoglobin will be. Mar 06, 2019 Treatment for Chagas disease is recommended for people diagnosed early in the course of infection acute phase, babies with congenital infection, and for those with suppressed immune systems. Many patients with chronic infection may also benefit from treatment. Patients should consult with their primary health-care provider.

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    Chagas disease is treated with chloroquine

    Chagas disease also known as American trypanosomiasis, Micro test 5 Ch 23 Flashcards Quizlet

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  7. Traditional Chagas disease treatment methods involve killing the parasite in the acute infection. Managing symptoms is also part of a Chagas disease treatment. If you suspect you’ve been infected, get in to see your doctor for a Chagas disease treatment immediately. Otherwise, the best Chagas disease treatment is prevention. For prevention.

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    Chagas disease is a silent disease. It would be a good idea to consult your doctor about the possibility of being tested for Chagas infection. Early diagnosis and early treatment will prevent health problems in the future. Diagnosis. Your doctor will conduct a physical exam, asking about your symptoms and any factors that put you at risk of Chagas disease. If you have the signs and symptoms of Chagas disease, blood tests can confirm the presence of the T. cruzi parasite or the proteins that your immune system creates antibodies to fight the parasite in your blood. Chagas disease is easiest to treat during the first phase. But the lack of symptoms can make it tough to spot early on. If you think you have it, your doctor can give you blood tests.

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